Rakim Mayers – born October / 3 / 1988, better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky stylized as A$AP Rocky, is an American rapper, Record producer, Director, Actor and Model from the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. He is a member of the hip hop group A$AP Mob, from which he adopted his stage name.

A$AP Rocky released his debut mixtape “Live. Love. A$AP“, in 2011 to critical acclaim. The success of his mixtape led to a record deal with Polo Grounds Music, RCA Records, and Sony Music Entertainment. He subsequently recorded his 2013 debut album “Long. Live. A$AP“, which was also well received by critics and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. In 2015, Rocky released his second studio album titled “At. Long. Last. A$AP“. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, making it Rocky’s second consecutive album to debut at number one and has received positive reviews from music critics.

Rocky has also directed music videos for himself, Danny Brown and other A$AP Mob members. He is also a noted record producer, producing under the pseudonym Lord Flacko.

A$AP Rocky’s Style

A$AP Rocky’s style has become synonymous with creativity and freedom. He encompasses the style of a generation who aspire to drive a different sense of what fashion is. Mixing high end pieces with causal staples A$AP Rocky is truly a style icon of our generation.

Rocky’s clothes contain a lot of labels. Whether it’s a classic pair of Nike trainers, or a North Face jacket, he enjoys mixing up his designers, wearing a variety of them at the same time. Rocky’s favourites include the likes of Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang, but he’s also been known to stray away from the allures of the designer tag and wear high street brands such as Topman too. Labels aren’t everything, after all.

Although Rocky has a tendency to surprise the public with his outfit choices, he does enjoy his plainer colours too i.e. white and black. However, there is nothing plain about the way in which he wears them. Rocky will often dress white and black either together, or will opt for one solid colour, wearing it in a blocky, bold ensemble.


How to Get A$AP Rocky’s Style

• Don’t stick to one look – mix formal and casual pieces together.
• Go bold with graphic print tees and footwear.
• Try out unique cuts like longline shirts and super skinny jeans.
• Go for all white outfits to create a striking look.
• Accessorise with clean pieces.
• A trusty, well fitted leather jacket can finish off a variety of looks.

A$AP Rocky has an individual style and wears everything with confidence, originality and flair. His fashion sense can often be difficult to predict, but this being said, he does have his staple, go-to items such as, his beloved Hood By Air tees and Air Force 1 trainers. This just shows us that it’s great to be original and imaginative, but it’s also OK to have favourites.

Rocky breaks down the barriers of the rapper stereotype. He wears what he wants, when he wants, whether that’s big labels or the small ones. By doing so, he remains undefined by anyone else and whether his look can come across a little surreal or obscure on occasions, he’s considered to be a fashion icon because of his daring style.

A$AP Rocky the Face of Dior’s FW16 Campaign

This is one of the major reasons i like ASAP’s style. He makes everything look good because he feels it. One of the most important things needed to make your clothes look good, is to actually feel good in them. Having a nice style comes from a number of things put together. Colors, Comfort, Fitting, Cut, Design and Print are only a few key points of having a “Nice” style but it all comes down to how you put them together.

We see celebrities plenty of times going out of their comfort zones to wear some sponsored clothes, or what is Trending in Fashion, i believe that’s completely wrong.

Stylish Men have built a style that’s based on clothes they like and do not to follow the trend always, when they do add trendy stuff to their wardrobe, they do it because they genuinely like the item and not because it’s trendy. Style should come from within, it should reflect from our own personalities and aspirations.

“STYLE – It’s not WHAT you wear but HOW you wear it”

Check out A$AP’s website –> www.asvpxrocky.com