With Summer coming to an END “FINALLY“, it’s time to start unboxing our Winter clothes. Of course the 1st and most important piece needed, will be our Jean Jackets. An easy piece to wear when it’s not quite winter yet but too warm for a coat, the Jean Jacket is a spring and autumn staple in any guy’s wardrobe.

If you’re struggling with how to wear a men’s denim jacket, this quick and easy style guide is what you need. I’ll break it down to the fit and colour, and will let you know what to match it with. You’ll be a PRO in no time.

The beauty of a denim jacket is that it will retain its integrity for years to come. Your more likely to get bored of wearing it before it needs to be tossed away.

It’s true that the denim jacket does fall in and out of Style. It was in during the 90’s but felt a bit unloved at the beginning of the millennium. Nonetheless, the Jean Jacket has certainly made a comeback screaming out COOL & CASUAL.


The 1st and most important thing, is to determine what style you personally want to pull off. I will be showing you a few of the variations you can wear, although there are plenty of different ways to style a Denim Jacket. This is one of the main reasons i believe it’s a must to have a DENIM piece in all of our wardrobes.Here are my 3 favourite DENIM Jacket styles that i will be rocking this AW ( Autumn / Winter ) Season.

1. Denim Jacket & Knit Jumper

• Wearing a cable knit jumper underneath your jacket will give a touch of urban to a Western classic.
• This is a great look for a day out for a coffee or even a calm day at work.

2. Denim Jacket & Tie

• Denim jackets are not just for casual wear. You can easily combine the casualness of the Denim Jacket with the clean-cut look of suiting by adding a shirt and tie.
• This style will set you apart from the normal / everyday, business-suit look.

3. Denim Jacket & T-Shirt

• Wearing a Denim Jacket with a plain t-shirt will give you a casual but clean look.
• Going out for a quick coffee? Just pop on your Denim Jacket and your good to go.
• Keeping it plain is one of my favourite Demim Jacket Styles.


• The cut should sit around the waist, too long and it looks like your fathers hand-me-down, too short and it will look like a woman’s crop top and you definitely don’t want that.
• A denim jacket isn’t going to shrink or stretch over time so it’s best to get the perfect fit spot-on at purchase.
** The Images below will show you the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” when it comes to the best cut for a Denim Jacket. **

2017 Trending Denim Jackets

GUCCI – Embroidered denim jacket with shearling • Price: $5,280
URBAN OUTFITTERS – BDG Customized Embroidered Denim Trucker Jacket • Price: $99.00

How to Look After Ze Denim

Many of you probably haven’t given your denim‘s health a thought, but if you look after it properly it can last you for many years. A lot of people are against washing your denim, not a nice thought i know, but this keeps the denim’s colour and allows the structure of the denim to really fit to your shape. This goes the same for your Denim Pants also. Im not very Pro on this one but some people even store Denim in the Freezer, as it supposedly kills all bacteria. Sorry to tell you but according to Stylecaster this myth has been proven wrong.

“Check out the following article by Stylecaster regarding this: Stylecaster.com – Jeans in Freezer