ROKIT is a Los Angeles streetwear brand which pays homage to champions born of pavement and blacktop, through basketball and skateboarding. Every once in a while, we come across something new, something that stands out from the rest of brand concepts and fledgling labels that have taken the risk of stepping into the buff fashion ring. I found this awesome looking street brand during my random web-shopping. It’s called ROKIT.

To put it simple, ROKIT has blended both worlds of basketball and skateboarding together under a coherent entity that leans on contemporary, minimalistic Japanese aesthetics. So what really is a “lifestyle” brand? According to Bam Barcena, one of the three creatives behind ROKIT, it’s when you build a brand that represents more than just the clothes. A lifestyle brand is when you embody in full force the culture that the brand represents, niche or mainstream. This means building a community around the brand, offering events or by starting a movement. On top of all that, you get to wear dope shit as well. It’s perfectly great.

Los Angeles-based ROKIT’s nature-heavy SS18 collection came inspired by Krakauer’s novel “Into The Wild”, and it was DOPE. Now, the streetwear brand has released the first drop of its FW18 collection. By checkin ROKIT’s website, you will come across the first release, that sees everything from the usual tees and sweats to season-appropriate essentials such as hoodies, track jackets, and a light brown parka. ROKIT’s dope logo pouch is a nice way to incorporate the trend in your transitional wardrobe, available in three colorways (black, blue, and orange).

Take a closer look at the all-new Rokit drop by clicking on the image below, also when you land on the page click the “SHOP” button to purchase whatever catches your eye.

There’s an inexplicable feeling one gets when in a museum setting. It’s oddly serene and satisfying while also a gently imposing force and it’s from that energy comes the inspiration for the forthcoming ROKIT Fall 2018 collection titled ‘Let The Kids Play.’ A manifestation of teenage tension under coercive calm; an artist’s playground. Graphically inspired by memories of exposure to Ellsworth Kelly artwork for the first time, the offering utilizes a bright color palette in familiar yet subtly different silhouettes. This wider array of pieces intends to celebrate the spirit of the eternal and the invincible. Let the kids play.