Christmas is around the corner! Yes, we are in a not so good, kind of situation. But we will get by it. I am sure, we will all be focusing on family and friends instead of this pandemic that has taken the world and pulled it apart. Travelling is restricted, going out is limited and in general, we have no clue what exactly will be the outcome of this. However, heads up and moving forward day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Wait a minute did I mention it’s Christmas Time?

With that being said more than once, I’m sure you know that alongside the Christmas decorations and festive feelings, we have another huge factor in our hands. Presents! Although we are all going through hard times mentally I’m sure a lot of us are also taking a hit in the financial department. I completely feel and understand you. So in this post, although I mostly talk about fashion, I wanted to take some time to say, keep motivated and keep your mind in a positive mindset. Better days are coming.

One approach a lot of my friends and I are taking this year is going into Secret Santa Mode. No need to buy each and every person a small gift here and there, which finally ranks the Xmas bill up to a huge amount. With this approach, you get one good, a little more pricey present, that adds up to less than you would have paid for 100 smaller gifts. Unless you’re loaded that is, you can totally skip this section.

I have made a list of a few options on what could be definitely a winner in the gift section this year. Obviously, this is a list of things that myself, friends and family would definitely like so hopefully, you and all your relatives can relate to as well.



I love big fat coffee table books and I just wish I had more to display. They’re meaningful, inspirational, and best of all beautiful! Giving the gift of a coffee table book is a failsafe way to bring aesthetic and literary charm into the mix this year. Whether you’re shopping for a new homeowner who’s looking to warm up their spaces, or are browsing for a thoughtful and stylish best friend gift, look no further than the almighty coffee table book for all your holiday needs.

Baubles and accents aside, a stack of books can give an uninspired tabletop a new sense of style and purpose, so why not be the one to kick-start someone else’s collection? From the obvious contenders, like design-inspired fashion books and beach-forward travel guides, to more quirky niches, like a book of sneakers or an exploration of the color pink, we’ve compiled a well-rounded list of the best coffee table books we could get our hands “and eyes” on.

I’ve bought my Louis Vuitton Catwalk : The Complete Fashion Collections from the Book Repository Check them out, they ship worldwide and they have a huge amount of options.



When the weather takes a turn, our edit of men’s puffer jackets is here to help you choose the right outerwear. Combining all the comfort and warmth of a duvet kinda, braving the winter weather won’t seem so bad with one of these by your side. Face the great outdoors or morning commute in your toughest cold-weather armor, the puffer jacket. Lashings of down, drawstring hoods, and shiny water-resistant shells, the weather’s got nothing on the Puffer Jacket.

I believe the Puffer is a must-have in every Men’s wardrobe during the winter seasons. You just can’t go wrong. Really comfortable, really warm, and actually really cool and easy to style with your favorite pants and a plain warm footer inside.



Giving the gift of perfume is the gift that keeps on giving! The perfume will create memories and connections for both yourself and the recipient. When you gift someone a perfume that you have chosen especially for them, it is one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts you can give. While choosing a perfume can seem like a big undertaking and a little bit daunting, it really doesn’t need to be.

It’s super easy to find something they will like by following these two simple steps:

1. Find out what perfumes the recipient may have worn before. This will give you a better understanding of the types of scents and brands that they like to wear. Take a sneaky picture on your phone if you can, that way you definitely won’t make any mistakes!

2. Once you’ve found out which fragrances the recipient wears, do a little googling to find out what they smell like and just purchase something similar.

I personally love the TOM FORD – Black Orchid. A very unique fragrance as it initially has a very floral smell that comes across as a little feminine. But after an hour, it breaks down into a dark, sweet-smelling scent that really captivates attention. This one is definitely a Night Perfume and a really nice gift for every perfume lover.



Nobody ever said that being an icon was easy. That is why the Nike Air Force 1 Low works hard to keep you feeling and looking your best. The leather and textile upper are big on style and the metal tag at the laces gives a nod to the shoes more than 30-year history. A Nike Air unit in the foam midsole delivers the lightweight cushioning that you demand, so you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Named after the aircraft that carries the U.S. President, the Air Force 1 continues to be a true leader in the world of footwear. The original classic that made its breakthrough in the 80s with NBA players and is now idolized by fashion, hip-hop, and street icons. The great thing about the white Air Force 1s is that they’re versatile and easy to work into your everyday wardrobe. [Please keep them clean].



A shaving kit is something almost every man uses. Either it’s a simple one or a more advanced one like the Haryali London 3 Edge Razor, compatible with 3 blade cartridges which are easily replaceable and can be purchased in any supermarket, drugstore, or online. This one is a fine piece of art that is carefully designed with a wooden handle to provide optimum comfort and deliver a close shave.

Its front Pivot Technology adjusts to the contours of your face to keep things nice and smooth. This kit comes with a Synthetic silver tip Brush, a Shaving Stand, a Shaving Soap, and a Shaving Bowl. A nice gift that every man that likes taking care of his facial hair will not take for granted.



The slimmer, more versatile cardholder is an increasingly popular item to have in your pocket. They are easier to access when reaching into your pocket, they won’t bulge under the pressure of loose change and they make us decide what is important in our everyday lives, rather than squeezing in everything that we think we may need.

The cardholder may be smaller, but it is often made from the same materials a wallet is made out of. The reduced size means that the cardholder is more durable and won’t lose its shape from being sat on or crumbled by an overloading backpack. I find using a cardholder much more convenient and comfortable.

Nowadays I mostly use my cards or even more my phone for payments. Even if your friend or a family member has a wallet, this is something they can also use depending on the situation. Check out my comparison of the Wallet and the Card Holder for a more detailed explanation of the pros and cons.



If you have an iPhone and you want a smartwatch, there’s no reason to choose anything but an Apple Watch and most people tend to choose the Apple Watch SE. It’s the best way to keep up with notifications, track fitness, get directions, and use apps without having to constantly reach for your phone, and it offers almost all of the features of the much more expensive Apple Watch Series 6.

The price point makes it much easier for first-time buyers to get on board while getting about 95% of the features that the more expensive Apple Watch Series 6 has to offer. It also looks very identical to the more expensive version, which gives it another reason to be the Apple Watch you choose as a gift. Watches used to be a fashion statement, however, nowadays it is a convenient assistant to our virtual life.

I hope this small list I made gives you some direction as to what you can buy as a gift the Christmas. Sometimes gifts are so difficult and even a stressful process sometimes when it comes to getting something special, for that special person we all have. I can most definitely relate. However, I’m sure you heard it many times before and I will be saying it now once more. “It’s not the gift. But the thought that counts“.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy hopefully corona-free New Year, let’s get this world back on the road to normality by sticking together and being safe. For us and for our beloved ones. Let me know what is on your wish list and what other gifts you think are great for this Christmas Season. I will catch you on the next one.