Casual Sunday, cruising around the city. I call this the ” I got my bag and I stepped out look “, a very quick and easy look also can’t go wrong with the all black look. Da All-Saints oversized / distressed jumper is one of my favourite jumpers, fit and look 10/10.

Because of my Job, track pants is not a something I wear often, but I gotta say compared to other pants the comfort outstanding. As for the Authentic Platform Checkerboard Vans there’s not much to say? They’re VANS! Comfy, cool looking and simple. Sometimes simple makes things not so simple. Here’s a quote you can use when people judge simplicity – “Simplicity is the Key Note of all True Elegance”.

How the pants fit, is very important to making a Style look perfect. The Tailoring of our pants is super important, with the length coming at top priority and It’s very easy to do. Here are 2 simple steps to getting your pants looking clean and sharp.

Step OneFind a Tailor [ Tailors are the clothes best friend. Find a good one and keep them. Making sure of course that they meet your needs. *Also don’t be shy to ask them to re-do them if there is something you don’t like. ]

Step Two Tailor in Bulk [ Tailoring in Bulk is a way to fix your clothes the fastest and save money. Go trough your closet and grab all the pants you have that need tailoring. Sometimes you even manage to find some long lost pants that will be salvaged with a simple crop. ]

In this particular situation I was the Tailor. So I had full control of the outcome of the pants, as I knew the length I wanted and style I wanted. Only thing that was needed from me was my time. Knowing how to sew saved me a good amount of money and a good amount of back’s and forth’s.








** If you cant find the look online due to stock limitation or change of season let me know and I will find you something similar. **