In this Post we see a Man standing in front of a PASSO CARRABILE aka Tow Away Zone. Down town Milan is a beautiful place to walk around and explore. Hitting the side streets is a must as you will see the Milanese culture in full force. NO! It’s not people eating pizza and pasta 24/7. Hard working, polite, organised is part of their character.

I most definitely enjoyed my visit to Milan, how could I not? Clean, easy to navigate and full of fun things to do was just a few of the things that made me feel like Milan is a city that I must return to. The weather was perfect also, allowing me to mix up a different variation of Styles due to the Warm Days and Cooler nights. Overall main focal point is ” you gotta go “.

In this Outfit I’m wearing a Chaki Loose Fit Shirt from Zara, Blue HERA skinny fit Jeans and some Caramel Ted Baker Oxford Shoes. It was a hot and sunny day and this look gave me all the comfort and style I needed to carry out through my journey in the beautiful street’s of Milan.


SHIRT: ZARA – £29.99




** If you cant find the look online due to stock limitation or change of season let me know and I will find you something similar. **