The “street-style” approach to style and fashion is often based on individualism, rather than focusing solely on current fashion trends. Using street style methods, individuals demonstrate their multiple, negotiated identities, in addition to utilising subcultural and intersecting styles or trends. Either it’s some old ripped up clothes you have in your closet or that $20 bag of clothes you bought from the “Thrift Shop” down the road. This itself, is a performance…

Bill Cunningham (American photographer) for The New York Times, pointed street style out as a keen catalogue of ordinary people’s clothing. Also, he mentioned that streets much tell about fashion and people if you listen. According to him the best fashion show is coming to life every day on the streets.

Street style is an incredibly viral, instant, addictive facet of fashion that’s changed lots of the ways in which fashion gets made and consumed. Its fast characteristic links it also to the term consumerism. How styles change over time, it also challenges the use of fast fashion in relation to the purchasing and wearing of clothing, as this conceals the complexities of practice and creativeness.

One thing you should always keep in mind that casual doesn’t mean sloppy. With right layering and the right fit, you can look clean and sharp in simple casual outfits too. What i mean? You don’t always need to wear a blazer to look polish. Just throw a cool bomber jacket over a t-shirt and jeans outfit and you are ready to look fresh wherever you go. Sometimes it’s simple to look sharp you just need to put together the right outfits and with the little bit of care, you are set for the day.


Below you can see some of my favourite streetstyle brands you may or may not of heard of:

The debate on weather street-style is a passing trend or here-to-stay has been settled. Call it sports-luxe, hi-end athletica or club-culture cool, street-wear is no more limited to just being spotted on rappers or on celebs doing their coffee-gym runs. Instead, elements of street-style are liberally mixed with sharply tailored office gear to sleek and sexy evening outfits.

Even classic luxury designer brands like Chanel, Prada, Givenchy, Gucci, Dior and many more have moved to including sneakers, sweatshirts, track-pants in their runway shows season after season. This is one of the main reasons why I really like the clothes these brands produce. The fact that you can actually wear their pieces in the street and not only on the catwalk is a solid reason why i follow and represent these brands.


Style is a form of self-identity. It’s very curated as it takes months to years to develop. Your style can absolutely change as time goes on, but there’s a singular thread that stays embedded within. What you wear or more accurately how you wear things that is intimately tied with you as a person. STYLE is an action which creates a space where identities can be explored through the action of dressing.


What are your views on Street-Style? Are you a YEY or a NEY of this revolutionary trend?