We probably seen this done before in Movies. You know when the teacher is wearing a full on suit on top and just he’s underwear below the desk. NO? Well it does not really matter because we are living it nowadays. One of the most un-important piece you will not be needing while WFH (Working From Home) is your pants. After all, putting on “real” pants doesn’t really matter when your co-workers are only seeing you waist-up in Zoom and Skype calls these days.

Just to be clear though, you should still wear pants just in case. Wearing a top that makes you feel like a million bucks, however? That feels like a worthy effort. And let’s be real: calling that an “effort” is pushing it. I most definitely can relate to this situation (Trust me I got you), I put together a week’s worth of this dressy casual outfit combo.

For those punctilious people out there. Yes, I did leave out the Weekend Looks because that is a whole other topic I will be getting to later on. I even threw in some house shoes for each type of scenario. The best thing about this? You can shop all 5 looks below from ASOS and no, I am not getting paid to send you there. It’s just convenient and has all the ingredients I need for the post.

Go high, go low, just don’t go out of the house if you don’t have to, Please!





This cozy sweater will look so put together on your next conference call. And we all know how we feel about those super comfy jersey shorts. Oh you don’t? Well, we love them. Let’s be honest those slippers are like walking on clouds. It’s like having a fluffy carpet fixed to the insole of you slippers.

Sweater: ASOS Design

Shorts: New Look

• Slippers: Superdry



A Long Sleeve Polo is the perfect transition top for spring. It’s got sort of a Mad Men on the weekend vibe, which for all of you new WFH-ers, you kind of are? And yes, Birkenstocks are cool again. Look, I don’t make the rules here, but if I did, well..I would still bring back the Birks. They’re so comfortable! And you can wear them with socks in an ironic way that’s also quite comfortable. Don’t hate the Messenger, hate the Sandal? But to be honest I’m sure you have a pair in your shoe-rack. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.

Polo Shirt: Selected Homme

Joggers: Adidas Originals

• Sandals: Birkenstock



A button-front short-sleeve shirt can be worn in so many ways during the spring time…including with real pants outside, when all of this is over! In the meantime, pair it with a pair of stylish jersey shorts and your havaianas or favorite shower flip flops for a work from home look that says, “I was in my underwear 30 seconds before the conference call started.”

 Shirt: Jack & Jones

Shorts: ASOS Design

• Flip Flops: Havaianas



A band collar shirt? Check. Some Nike Joggers? Check. These cozy slippers that look like they’re waiting by the fireplace at the North Pole for Santa to pull on when he gets home after delivering presents on Christmas night? Check. Now the only thing remaining on the check list is to book that deal you’ve been chasing or complete that presentation you was working on since last night. Check.

 Shirt: Burton

• Joggers: Nike

• Slippers: Asos Design



A camp collar shirt looks as good at home as it does at the office, and now it’s both. And honestly, my feet cannot get enough of these house slippers. I could wear these at home, the office, for a coffee or at the gym. Okay, maybe not the gym, but you know what I mean. When it comes to work from home outfits for guys, these shoes would complete any daytime look.

 Shirt: Asos Design

• Joggers: Burton

• Loafers: Asos Design


I have now spilled the Beans on the Secret of Dressing for WFH. Like I said this are tips that by no means should be seen by your Boss, Manager and most of all Clients. On a serious note I hope these simple yet smart looks help give you that extra motivation needed nowadays to get through the day. It’s only logical that the pause of your everyday routines might make you feel cut off from your normal life and the real world.

It was tempting to stay in my pyjamas all day, any day I gave into the temptation, it was much slower to start and less productive overall. The simple act of changing clothes serves as a signal that it’s time to wake up and get things done. Don’t underestimate the power of putting on clothes suitable for public viewing. It makes you feel human and confident and helps draw the line between being at work and being at home.