” Me & The Ten Thousand Buddhas”

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a mid-20th century Buddhist temple located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, at 220 Pai Tau Village. It’s designation as a monastery is actually a misnomer because there are no monks residing at the complex, which is managed solely by laypersons. Both the main temple building and the pagoda are listed as Grade III historic buildings by the Government of Hong Kong.

Groundbreaking and construction of the temple began in 1951 under Yuet Kai and his followers and the structure was finished six years later. It closed for three years at the end of the 20th century after one of its caretakers was killed in a mudslide caused by poorly-maintained slopes nearby. The main journey up to the monastery is an attraction itself, as the path is lined on both sides with golden Buddhas, each unique and in different poses. Despite the common translation of its name the monastery actually contains nearly 13,000 Buddha statues.

There are 11,800 small statuettes in the Monastery, not to mention the full life size Buddhas/Monks on the 436 steps to the top. No two are alike. There are steps and also smooth surface areas to walk up. Don’t worry there are plenty of resting areas along the way, that you are most definitely needed. It was cool and no sun the day I visited but I was still sweaty when I arrived at the top, so plan accordingly. Small but important Note: No pics or videos are allowed in the main Monastery building. Make sure to go the very top and look up at the side of the mountain to see the grave sites that are actually carved right into the side of the mountain.

On the top I’m wearing a Zara windbreaker, super thin and super light. Oh yes and super warm also, since it allows no wind to pass thru. It is so thinly made that it even comes with a case. When I say case, imagine finishing up with your umbrella, folding it up and looking for the case. Well that’s the type of case I’m talking about. So convenient and handy.

The pants are from Topshop, same kinda wind breaking material making it look like this was a 2 peace outfit. An orange and red Z stripe on the sides gave the minimal look a little “Twist”. I wanted to bring the look together, I achieved that by adding the orange socks and the black see-through Nike Zoom Fly sneakers. The overall color combination of this style was my favourite part of the outfit. Different colors and materials just blending in seamlessly with each other.

The climb is a little rough for someone that hasn’t exercised properly in ages, but I’ll say It’s definitely worth it. The view is amazing when you finally reach the top. Going there on a busy day after is not a good idea, but I think you will still enjoy the visit. I’d recommend not to take any food except water as they have a “no food allowed” policy, however I’m sure almost everyone breaks. Reaching the place is very easy, it’s 5 mins from MTR but I suggest to use your maps just so you don’t get lost.

Make sure you take the East Rail Line to the Sha Tin stop. Go out Exit B. If you see buses and ice cream stalls then you are in the correct path, as they are almost always there. Go left outside the exit and just follow everyone down the pedestrian ramp. Take 5 mins walk from the stop and you’ll be there. Just ask if you get lost, don’t worry the majority understand english.



TRACK-PANTS: Topshop – €60

SNEAKERS: Nike – €180


** If you cant find the look online due to stock limitation or change of season let me know and I will find you something similar. **