Are you a man looking for a cool summer style? Look no further here’s a quick guide of summer essentials that will have you primed and ready for everything, from that casual coffee session to the roof top party of the season. No matter where you live, you’re probably battling some heat right about now. You’re probably also wondering how the hell are you going to look put-together and stylish in this type of weather.

Don’t worry though, I am here to help! I got a few easy tips that are not only going to have you looking cool, but staying cool as well. **See what I did there? Anyway, let’s get into the simple yet effective tips


The Fitted Polo

The summer season isn’t complete without a solid or colourful patterned polo shirt. But you’ll need to make sure your polo shirt isn’t baggy or loose. The fitted polo is the summer style must-have that helps to show off your muscles and at the end of the day, simply looks more tailored. You’re not looking for the tightest shirt out there.

You’re looking for the fitted polo with a slim, tailored body that makes it look like the shirt fits you perfectly. Despite being used and abused by holidaymakers and stag parties, the polo shirt has been a menswear classic for generations. You can easily revive a bit of that mid-century appeal by recruiting a pair of pleated trousers for your cause.


The Fitted Short

There’s a right and wrong way to wear shorts, and as long as they fit properly, letting your legs breath can help keep you cool and have you looking casually stylish. One caveat though, shorts don’t transition well from day to night, so default to a lightweight pair of chinos if you’re needing to wear something for the whole day and on into the evening.

These shorts should be tailored through your thighs and upper leg much like the body of the fitted polo shirt. Try on a few pairs to find out which ones feel most comfortable to you. Once you find a pair that fits, buy them in multiple solid colours from peach or salmon to khaki and navy. These will be your go-to staple for what summer has to offer. Small note here, don’t worry about rolling some pants up. It’s an option that does not look that bad, as long as it’s done in a nice and clean way.


The Boat Shoe

Lightweight, low profile footwear is a stylish way to keep your cool in hot weather. I recommend canvas or fabric slip-ons like Toms or Soludos and loafers like driving mocs or boat shoes as casual and dressier options. With their origins dating back to sailors who didn’t want to slip on the boat deck, boat shoes today are the perfect summer shoe that give you style and comfort.

They look great with a pair of shorts or Chinos and you can dress your style up or down with them depending on what you’re wearing. If you’re going to buy a pair of shoes for the summer season, the boat shoe should be ranked in the Top 3 of your TO-BUY list. After you walk around in them for a few weeks, they’ll begin to mold to your feet and give you a soft, comfortable step.

With summer on the horizon, we can finally look forward to some much deserved sunshine, beer gardens, and outdoor adventures. But just because our layers peel away with the heat doesn’t mean a guy can’t and should not look stylish, all while being equipped for the summer heat. As the summer parties rise and people move outdoors, our clothing’s fabric becomes increasingly important in our men’s summer fashion outfits.

Roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a drink, dive into your summer clothes and keep yourself looking good all without breaking a sweat! The summer season is the perfect time to choose easy, comfortable, lightweight styles that make you feel good and versatile at the same time. This season also is the season of the fitted everything, so stock up on the polo shirts and shorts in multiple colors that are going to show off your physique and keep you in summer style mode ON!