Some men are just effortlessly stylish. It’s their thing. They just know what looks good. You either have it or you don’t. But often the secret to good style isn’t just the clothes and some guide for putting them together, but how they’re looked after is a big aspect also. If you’re more of a ” My floor is my Wardrobe ” person who’s forever throwing your innocent clothes on the floor.

Chances are that perfectly tailored suit or premium T-shirt you invested in will look far from its best if it hasn’t been stored properly. Maintaining an efficient wardrobe will not cost the loss of your kidney, nor spend hours of your valuable ” Doing Nothing Time ” and the results will be worth every penny and time you put in. This guide will put you in the correct direction of creating a wardrobe that looks / feels amazing also the fact that  your clothes will last longer.

A.   Get Organised

The whole point of having a wardrobe is to organise your clothes, right? And yet, even that most basic function can sometimes be forgotten.  The fact that disorganised people’s wardrobes are like a bomb-site even if they have tonnes of space. The amount of times people say ” Oh, that’s where that was ” , and getting the smashing outfit you desire will take no time at all.

Does that Sound familiar? It definitely pays to think of your wardrobe not as just another piece of furniture, but as a tool to organise your clothes, with a result of boosting your style decisions.

How calm do you feel looking at the image above? Don’t you immediately get more inspiration on what outfit you will be putting together? Let’s not forget the fact that you will be fully committed into putting everything back where it belongs. Therefore you will be more creative, organised and definitely cleaner.

If you’re a bold or tonal dresser, try dividing your wardrobe by color to make getting ready easier. Hanging navy with navy and black with black creates an easy visual guide that can save time off your mornings. The same goes for something as simple as your socks, investing in dividers to split your navy, black and grey pairs can prevent any pre-coffee disasters.

If you’re more of a functional dresser, however, organising by category could be better for you for example hanging jackets with jackets and T-shirts with T-shirts makes it easy to build outfits without pulling everything out at once. If you want to go a step further try putting long-sleeved shirts together, divided into formal and casual finally your trousers divided into formal trousers, chinos and jeans. HEY!! Don’t forget to sort them into colors.

B.   Streamline Your Wardrobe

Surprisingly, getting rid of clothes can actually make you look better. A clear-out is a chance to focus your wardrobe and redefine what suits you. Even over the course of a few months, our bodies can change shape through age or exercise, which means that tailored blazer you’ve been shinning in may not necessarily be an impeccable fit any more. Get it tailored or get rid of it.

You gotta be ruthless, if it doesn’t suit you put it in a box for storage and come back to re-evaluate next time you do a clear out. You might hit it off again with that printed shirt at some point down the road, or you might be convinced it’s time to toss it in the Bin. Having clothes in your wardrobe that you will not be wearing any time soon, is like having expired food in the fridge just to make the fridge look full.

My MOTTO is ” If Your Not Rocking Your Blocking ” basically what im trynna say is, if your not wearing the pieces hanging in your wardrobe your blocking valuable space for your brand new BALMAIN T-Shirt.


1.   Quality Hangers

When they’re not on your back or in a drawer, your clothes should spend the rest of their time on a hanger. So like your bed sheets and your shoes, it pays to invest. Try and eliminate wire hangers from your wardrobe. Not only can wire hangers wreck the lines of your clothes, it’s also highly likely to hook knitwear on them. I’ve also noticed that Wooden Hangers are more durable.


2.   Shoe Trees

Anyone who’s seen a pair of shoe trees and the magic that comes along with their use should need little convincing of their worth. Not only are these handsome pieces of craftsmanship, but they’ll also add years to your footwear. Shoe trees, will help retain the shape of your shoes and, as a result, stop creases in their tracks. Who said you can’t have beauty and brains?


3.   Garment Storage

Out of sight, out of mind can leave you with a nasty surprise when a piece comes back into play. Whether it’s your party season suit or summer sneakers, store these in a garment bag or sealed storage box to protect them from dust and whatever else might be snooping around in your wardrobe. Vacuum storage bags are particularly useful if you don’t have the comfort of space. Just make sure they go in clean, so you’re not locking them in with the sweat stains and dog poop you stepped on whilst out for a jog.


4.   Shoe Care

Consider polish and other shoe care your footwear’s equivalent to a good moisturiser. It’ll keep them wrinkle-free for longer, protect them against the elements and give a shine that makes you look clean and posh. It’s also worth adding a couple of good shoe brushes to your collection to remove any dirt and stains you should also add a few handy quick wipes to keep your shoes fresh on the go. Although dirty shoes are in Fashion at the moment, there’s a certain level of dirtiness that you should avoid.


5.   Steamer

Despite its prowess in ridding your clothes of creases, ironing isn’t all good news for your gear. After all, a fat hot slab of metal making its way across your most delicate clothing doesn’t sound all that healthy, does it? Be kinder to your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free by investing in a steamer. It’s like leaving your clothes hanging on the back of the bathroom door while taking a hot shower, only far more effective.

I hope these few simple tips help you and your Wardrobe. Feel free to ask me any Questions regarding anything i didn’t mention above. Also if you need any help performing / using the points i mentioned i’m just a comment away.