Still in lockdown mode? Yes, me too. But let me tell you one thing, once this is over I am packing my bags and going on a highly needed vacation. Something I’m sure the majority of us will be doing. With that said, in this post I will be going over the must have bags a man should possess. Any self-respecting, modern gentleman understands that he needs to use the right tool for the right job. That definitely extends to the bags and luggage he carries.

There is a specific bag and specific luggage depending on where you’re going and what you’re wearing. I strongly believe that having the correct equipment can make your life so much easier and organised. Especially when one of these will be holding all your valuables safely in one place. Whether it’s just for a day trip, a long hike or a small vacation, choosing the right backpack can definitely bring some order and convenience to the way you function on a day to day basis.



The backpack is the most versatile of the items on this list and depending on your lifestyle, it could be a smart business-casual accessory, a daily go-anywhere bag for trips to the coffee shop, grocery store or gym or a piece of luggage. While you can technically use a backpack for everything, I highly suggest you don’t! Because if you’re traveling for an extended period of time, it may not be enough space for your belongings and it can get heavy, which can negatively affect your back or shoulders.

You can find virtually any level of design and price for backpacks these days, so much so that they’re officially a staple bag now. However there is one barrier and that is if you need to wear a suit. No matter how classy the backpack is, there are still better options for you, that won’t ruin the shoulders of your suit jackets.



For trips away, whether on a plane or via a car or train, when you need to carry more stuff with you, nothing beats rolling luggage. It’s too convenient not having to lug around your luggage on your back or carrying it by the handles when this you can just roll it effortlessly by your side. If you travel often, then you’re probably used to the same stresses. Broken luggage. Expensive luggage. Huge luggage. Lost luggage. Don’t get me wrong, checked luggage is great and allows you take plenty of things with you, but is it always worth it? Small tip “Make sure you get the 4 wheel version as it is much easier to use”.



More sophisticated than a duffel or messenger bag, a briefcase projects an aura signifying you’re an organized professional down to the bone. It’s the gift people purchase for young men when they graduate from law school to earn MBAs to show they’ve entered an elite playing field where intelligence is power. And it’s what driven entrepreneurs seek to stay methodical in their approach to every task.

A briefcase certainly doesn’t define a man, but it is a piece of gear that shows the world that you mean business. Walking into a room wearing a sharp suit and backpack won’t have the same effect as when you make an entrance carrying a dapper attaché. Adding the shoulder strap provides versatility as long as you’re not wearing a suit jacket.



These are great for short trips or if you’re a light packer. While we’re big fans of the classic styling, admittedly, they’re not as nice to use as a piece of roller luggage if you pack it to the gills. These come in all shapes, sizes and materials and are very sophisticated looking. You need a Duffel Bag that is durable, has the right size and one that will last many years.

A Duffel Bag that meets your needs, wether it’s being waterproof, has shoulder straps, wheels or can pack for a whole month. In this guide you’ll find a Duffle Bag that fits your needs. A Duffle Bag is a great alternative to a rolling luggage or a backpack, as it’s lightweight and will pack a lot of tings. Think of it as a roomy bag that is easy to carry, fill-up with items and also looks aesthetically pleasing.



Finally a piece of luggage that is underrated by the majority of us. A bag you need for all your toiletries and grooming essentials. These are great for small trips or for any sort of travel. They keep your stuff organised, are sophisticated looking and just a pleasure to use. We’ve likely all been there. The dreaded moment when you realise your face wash, body gel, favourite perfume, hair product, etc. has fully exploded in your suitcase, leaving permanent damage on your clothes and valuables. It’s the absolute worst. Time to stop stressing, the toiletry bag is the solution to this terrible problem.


In the recent years, the presence of the cross-body bag or the casual backpack in fashion was unavoidable. But for the modern, functional and flexible man, something more well-rounded is required to easily stow away your essentials without your style taking a hit. In a nutshell, men’s bags are an ideal investment for any guy. I’m not saying you should buy 10 different bags for the same use, just saying you should have the ideal bag for every situation.