Lately I added a new pair of white sneakers (a must-have in our wardrobe) to my collection. The problem is that nowadays every single brand has its own pair of white sneakers. How are we supposed to make a choice? I decided that I wanted to find a brand that not everyone can get easily, a young designer brand that is not available everywhere. With today’s luxury climate, I was looking for a fashion sneaker with some elements borrowed to the luxury sector, but still at an affordable price. Fortunately I came across Axel Arigato whilst browsing around on END Clothing. It was like love at first sight.

Let me first tell you a little bit about this young Swedish brand. It was launched in 2014 by its eponymous designer Axel (whose complete name remains secret) and two experts in online trade, Max Svardh et Albin Johansson. At first, they were only designing men sneakers. This explains why Axel Arigato is better known to the male public. The brand’s name hints at its designer’s travelling passion: “Arigato” meaning  “Thank You” in Japanese.

This passion is also reflected by the brand’s european manufacturing policy. Indeed, the company is based in Sweden, but the shoes are designed in Paris, and they are handcrafted in Portugal (famous for its high quality shoes manufacturing plants) using only top quality Italian leather.

Axel Arigato adopts the codes of the luxury sneakers. Handcrafted from premium quality leather, their sneakers are mounted on stitched rubber Margom soles. Those same soles can be found on Lanvin or Balenciaga sneakers. Axel Arigato offers a wide range of sober yet stylish efficient designed sneakers, with various shapes, styles and colors. A luxurious reimagining of an iconic temporary style, which reminds us of Common Projects or Yves Saint Laurent sneakers.

Encouraged by its success with men and following the strong demand of the female public, Axel Arigato launched its first women sneaker collection in 2015. Its sales strategy meets the needs of today’s digital era. Originally only available through its website, the brand know also distributes its shoes on selected premium online shop and retailers (like net-a-porter, farfetch or END Clothing).

Axel Arigato’s flagship store opened in London in 2016. In 2017, the brand decided to expand the company’s product line, by launching a clothing and accessories collection. As I mentioned it before, I was looking for white sneakers with a minimalistic design, easy to wear, wether it’s for an everyday chic casual look or a streetwear look. That’s why I opted for the Clean 90 White Sneaker. I shopped the shoes online on the END Clothing website and received my order 4 days later (within the EU the delivery time varies between 5 and 7 working days). The packing of the sneakers is very neat.


The shoes are delivered in a modern branded grey box. When you open it, you first find a grey envelope with the embossed brand name printed on it. It contains the bill, as well as the documents needed if you want to return the product. Branded dust-bag and chop-sticks are also included usually in the box. I haven’t received them in mine (Sad Face). The first feeling you get while unboxing is that you’re dealing with a high-end brand, which takes big care of customers’ experience.

The Clean 90 has a clean and pure design with a round toe. The upper (= part of the shoe which covers the top of your feet) is made of 100% Italian plain white leather. A discret gold embossed logo stamp is visible on the side. The minimalist silhouette features a slightly higher leather heel in a white colour. The shoe is mounted on a high quality and solid rubber cup-sole from Margom, one of the best rubber sole manufacturer.

They can be found on luxury sneakers from Lanvin, Common Projects or Balenciaga. The soles are both stitched and glued to the upper, for a better durability. Side Note: Ordinarily, especially on low-end sneakers, the soles are only glued to the upper. The manufacturing process that consists in stitching the sole is an additional guarantee of quality.



• Handcrafted in Portugal •

• 100 % leather •

• Leather lining •

• Rubber soles incorporating 20% recycled rubber •

• Sole has been stitched and glued for durability •

• Removable cushioned footbed to deliver comfort for everyday use •

• Completely cemented to ensure the original shape is kept •

• Flat cotton laces •

• Logo stamp in gold-tone •

• Recycled polyester branded dustbag included •


The lining is made of calf leather and the shoe is equipped with a removable branded leather insole. The cushioned footbed and arch support enhance the shoes’ overall comfort. The laces are made of white cotton, and the finishes and seams are very clean. Definitely a clear round until now.

Although the brand uses the Italian sizing system (which means that it is recommended that you choose one size above your real EU size), I ordered my pair of shoes in a half size down EU, and they fit me perfectly. On probation, the upper’s leather is softer than on other sneakers brands, while remaining resistant. The Margom sole is very comfortable and resulting stride is light. The shoes are overall very comfy.

These versatile and fashionable shoes can be worn with suit for a chic casual look or with jeans for a streetwear style. Soon I will be making a video on all the different looks you can pull off with Axel Arigato’s. In my opinion, Axel Arigato’s Clean 90 white sneaker are just great: very versatile, with minimal design, clean finishes and trendy elements. The results are there: a sobre, yet efficient and fashionable sneaker.

It is clear that what we have here is a high-end brand, but which products remain at an affordable price. I can only recommend you this young Swedish footwear brand, which continually gains more and more recognition. Everyone should be happy with their wide range of shoes. One thing is certain: I am not going to be able to stop myself from buying another pair of Axel Arigato sneakers shortly.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it will be useful or at least give you some ideas on your next white sneaker pick. Tell me if you tried Axel Arigato sneakers, and how you felt about them. You can leave comments below and share this post if you enjoyed it. Also you can visit my previous blog post with alternative options of My Favourite White Sneakers Round-Up.