Social gatherings often involves looking your best. People judge not only your character but your success based on visual indicators. These visual indicators are extremely powerful because of how often people come to conclusions before you even open your mouth. Unfortunately to be taken seriously nowadays, you must look your part. You must look the business not only talk the business.

Human beings strive to be noticed by others. It is a natural instinct. Just like the peacock who flaunts his striking feathers, men and women have the tendency to do things to get as much attention as possible. You are either part of the crowd or you stand out of the crowd, by making your mark. A simple example of that day you want to impress that special girl and her parents, you need to dress nicely, trim your hair, shine your shoes, stand up straight, walk in with a smile and give her dad a firm handshake.

The finishing touch on any man is above and beyond tied shoelaces and trimmed nails that help people come to conclusions about who you are. Most men dress generically, but if you are the type who wears tailored clothes, have stand-out shoes, and a nice watch then “That Special Girl” is a lucky one.

When you look like a million bucks people treat you like a million bucks. When you look like a penny people will discard you like a penny. – Victor Pride

Five simple things you can do to stand out in a crowd:


1. Get Muscular

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this much is true. Nevertheless, broad shoulders and a slim waist command more respect over everyone else around, and admiration from women. In fact, the science is in on this as well. There were studies conducted with women that tried to find the most physically appealing body type.

When it came to what was considered most attractive, muscular and ‘brawny’ men were determined to be pleasing. This is a great experiment to try out for yourself. Men show more respect to other men with broad shoulders than others who do not possess these physical attributes. Start eating right and working out.

Once you begin to notice results, see how both genders men and women respond to you differently. Without a doubt, you are definitely going to be receiving a lot more positive attention. Other side effects of getting muscular – Your clothes start fitting you well, your skin glows, you radiate confidence, and you stop slouching like the hunchback of Norte dame. While everyone else is hunching, with good posture back straight and head high you immediately stand out.


2. Wear Nice Shoes

Because it is totally impossible to be well dressed in ugly looking shoes. Shoes always stand out to define your inner personality. What you wear shows what you actually are. More than anything, the ultimate style statement that you can put forward is by wearing a pair of stylish and elegant looking shoes. Women spend a lot of time and money on their shoes this you must know. What you may not know is that women tend to spend a lot of time judging your own footwear choices. Men’s shoes are like a messenger, sending out a message to all those who notice them.

If you want to send the right message, you are going to need to invest in a pair of nice shoes preferably leather and look more manly than boyish. Sandals are a big NO NO. And slippers have a specific time and place. You do not have to spend a lot of money, simply make it look like you made an effort with your footwear choices. If you already have a pair of oxfords in your closet, try brogue shoes or double monk straps.


3. Dress to Impress

Know who you are and adorn yourself accordingly. It is no longer excusable for a man to look sloppy or unfashionable. Shows like Suits and White Collar have elevated the expectations of how a man should look. Furthermore, there is so much help both online and offline, that there really is no reason to dress badly. This does not mean spending a ridiculous amount of money on designer clothes.

No, it is more about understanding what works and what does not. Just by wearing a nice tailored shirt, well-fitted trousers or jeans, and you will notice that you receive a lot more lingering glances. Dressing well also helps you to be more confident about yourself. By exuding this confidence, you are automatically going to get people to notice you every time you walk into a room. Get to know your tailor very well, he will make anything look good on you. My tailor happens to be myself most of the times.


4. Accessorise

Nice shoes are a must, but a nice watch is a plus. That’s the first thing I notice 100% of the time. If the word accessories bring forth images of gold chains and diamond studs, you are going about this the wrong way. It is easy to accessorise, but you don’t want to look like you a rapper either. Men’s accessories can refer to watches, sunglasses, glasses, cufflinks, lapel pins, belts, and even pocket squares.

Depending on the weather, you can also add a scarf to your ensemble. Accessories are like the cherry topping to your cake, they help to pull your look together and act as a statement factor. A nice watch, quality sunglasses, and the right colored belt are all that you really need to be the best-dressed man in the room.


5. Smell Good

Women are largely influenced by how a man smells. Men, choose your fragrance wisely. We rely heavily on our noses. Our sense of smell helps us navigate the world and lets us know when something is good or bad for us. Well, this can also be applied if you are hoping to get attention from the opposite sex. Ask any women and she will tell you that men who smell nice are incredibly attractive. In fact, how you smell can override any other physical attributes you have.

Taking care of yourself is super important when it comes to looking good. It’s a good idea to bathe often, brush your teeth, wear deodorant and cologne not too much and always have mints around. Good hygiene signifies someone who is healthy and a viable mate. The Tom Ford – Black Orchid is the perfume that I am wearing these days.

“Everything is marketing you are selling yourself every day. You represent the brand called You. You, INC.”

Whether you desire opposite sex to fancy you or you want to stand out at an interview, it’s important to make a good first impression. This is why we invest in nice clothes and take trouble with our appearance. Despite this effort, it can be difficult to stand out among others. If you thought that the key to being noticed involved a Ferrari or Gucci suit, think again. It is actually a lot simpler than that.

Use these tips to start getting the attention that you crave. Don’t fade into the background. Take care of your appearance when you leave your house. Get in shape and get your style elevated to a higher level. Not only will you stand out in a crowd but your social relationships and confidence will improve drastically.