” Blending In or Standing Out? “

When I’m looking for places to do a Photoshoot, I usually try to find something that is cohesive with what I’m wearing. Blending in just makes the small OCD in me, calm. However in the circumstances of society and day to day living, cohesive and blending in is not as easy, especially when it comes to how I dress. Living in Cyprus *a small Island comes with a lot of advantages but also many disadvantages when your a Fashion Killa. With limited shopping destinations and a small selection when it comes to the clothing, it’s only logical that the majority of my shopping happens when I travel.

No wonder the majority of the population here just dresses like their Friends, Neighbours, Cousins etc. I mean they have no other choice and I get it. Not trying to be judgemental in anyway, just stating the facts to allow me to say that “I DON’T”. Creating outfits, going outside the MUST’s and SHOULD’s, is something I often find myself doing and that’s me, Jesse.

Next time you’re feeling daring, try one of these 2 style risks and prepare for glory…

Bold colours are high on the risk list for many men, which makes the colour blocking trend feel particularly daunting. Colour blocking uses two or more solid segments of colour in a single outfit in a mix of warm, cool, or complementary tones. Here is where the colour wheel from art class comes in handy. One approach to colour blocking blends shades from either a warm or cool palette, and anchors them with neutral tones. Don’t be afraid to pair clashing colours, but mix no more than 3 or 4 in one ensemble.

Socks are one of the smallest garments that can have a big impact on an outfit. They’re also one of the most inexpensive ways to rev up your getup. Block colours are the easiest place to start. Try to pick out accent colours in your look and contrast or complement your socks accordingly. For slightly more advanced levels of sockery, try rocking a pair with a print or pattern. The sky’s nearly the limit, just don’t match a pattern that’s already in the rest of your look. If you’re wearing an argyle cardigan, save those argyle socks for another day.

Being comfortable with yourself is the most important aspects of being comfortable with your style. No matter how many comments you get and questions you answer being yourself is the best and only way you should be tackling your Style Finesse. I will be posting next week more tips on how to stand out and be something more that just that Blue Jeans & White T-Shirt guy. Till then I hope you all stay creative and most of all stay AUTHENTIC.








** If you cant find the look online due to stock limitation or change of season let me know and I will find you something similar. **