When these not-quite-hiking, not-quite-running kicks hit the runway back in January, most fashionistas didn’t know what to make of them. It’s a fact that ugly sneakers have been trending all year, but the “Triple S” take that into another level. Their upper looks like the kind of running shoes an old man would wear for maximum arch support, and their hiking inspired laces which is usually seen on a pair of all-weather boots.

Their soles are easily the shoes wildest design feature, they are like rubber layer cakes that create a platform at the heel that’s a about two inches tall, and extends at least an inch away from the pull tab you will be using to pull yourself into these mountain-like shoes. It’s daring at first, but judged on their design features especially the front half. The kicks are also massive and bulky on purpose, the extended back is necessary also to counter-balance of design.

They don’t just look chunky in photos, they actually are. If you’re the type who already wears shoes on the bigger side, expect the “Triple S” sneakers to look like a pair of toy trucks on your feet. What that means in practical terms is that wearing ultra-skinny anything with the oversized Triple S sneakers might look off and not in a oversized cool type of way trust me when i say this.

It would make you feel like you’re simply wearing shoes that are way too big. Instead, reach for a more on-trend pair of wide-leg trousers, which can, at the very least, cover up a decent portion of these sneakers and make them not quite so aggressive. Then again, if you’re dropping $800 DOLLAZ on some intentionally ugly (and by the way, pre dirty) sneakers, why not give them the shine they deserve?

I don’t wear anything but skinny pants so this is one of the main reasons I didn’t buy the Triple S, also not forgetting the $1000 price range. But to be honest if i did wear wide leg pants and had a G lying around, I would of picked these up for sure. This new “Dad” trend got us going full on Daddy Zone. The question is, will the Fathers around the world wear these? Lemme go ask my dad real quick.  🙂

Let me know what you think about the BALENCIAGA “Triple S” ? Would you Cop or Not ? If you are a proud owner let me know your feedback.