“Shoreditch with Tommy”

Shoreditch is an arty area similar to the equally hip neighborhood of Hoxton. Young creatives and trendsetters fill the fashionable clubs and bars that surround Shoreditch High Street, Great Eastern Street, and Old Street, while an eclectic dining scene features everything from trendy chain restaurants and smart gastropubs to artisan coffee shops and noodle bars. Vintage and design shops are plentiful.

Blue! Blue is the core color of this outfit. Although you will see me wearing black in almost all my outfits, one other thing you will notice is when I do color, I DO COLOR. I’m wearing a Tommy Hilfiger footer I bought from END. Clothing in London. Matched with blue socks, visible from my see through GYAKUSOU x Nike Zoom Fly which blended nicely with my Adidas Three Stripe track-pants.

It was kinda cold so I had to add my JLA Scarf to the look to keep warm in a minimal, low-key way. One of my favourite pieces of this outfit is the Tommy Hilfiger footer. Apart from the fit, comfort and color, the embroidery is so bold and conservative at the same, time making it stand out just enough but not too much. Also let’s not ignore one of the main reasons this piece caught my attention, The Canadian Flag.

For the older generation who hanged around Shoreditch years ago, it was a west end place of warehouse parties, private views and pubs that spilled chaotically on to the street. It’s a different place these days! Smarter, slicker, much more hip but it’s still got that indefinable magic, it’s still somehow, cool.

Shoreditch no longer about drinking warm white wine out of plastic cups at a gallery, now Shoreditch drinking is all about brilliant cocktails at some of London’s best bars some of the world’s best bars, in fact.

The pubs are excellent authentic with world-class drink menus. I must say that you will also find some of London’s best restaurants too, more inventive and creative than many of their central London counterparts, often in interesting, re-purposed venues.


FOOTER: Tommy Hilfiger – €140


SHOES: NIKE – €180

SCARF: JLA – €25



** If you cant find the look online due to stock limitation or change of season let me know and I will find you something similar. **