• JLA – The Authentic Jacket •




I‘m not only a fan of shopping clothes but actually making them also. My whole viewpoint in styling and clothing in general is the AUTHENTICITY of it. Just to explain what I mean by Authenticity, it’s really about the outfit you are wearing but about the approach. If you want to wear something that is in Fashion at the moment that does not mean you’re not being authentic.

However on the other hand if you are wearing just because it’s in Fashion and not because you actually like it then that’s where you’re not keeping your Authenticity, your Unique Style. You can line up 10 people wearing the same outfit but that does not mean they will all look good in it. I believe that each Outfit looks different based on the person wearing it. The fit, the details, the Styling are all important for the overall look.

What I did with this piece was initially found a Jean Jacket. This Jacket had a nice fit and cut to it. The length was exactly where I wanted it to be, ending at my waist. This gave me the freedom of layering it with a long-fit t-shirt or just a plain white tucked in Tee. I wanted it to have a distressed look to it so I added some cut’s and the JLA Huge Logo on the back.

When you look at this from the front it looks like any other Jean Jacket you can pick up from your local shops. The only difference is that it’s “Not FALSE or COPIED…GENUINE, REAL” it’s AUTHENTIC.