• MR. Olive Green •

This Style was very comfortable. I was walking around for a good 5 hours, shopping mostly. I chose this outfit cuz i knew i was gonna be trying a lot of t-shirts and overlay jackets for the spring season. It was not that cold outside but i knew i was gonna be out all day so i added the “Olive green – 3/4  Sleeve Jacket” on top of an “Oversized Sleeveless – Olive Green Shirt” which was also perfect for inside. Whenever i plan on doing a lot of Upper body shopping, i tend to wear a Button Up shirt so my hair doesn’t get messy, looking like i just rolled outta bed.

ZARA – Olive Green, 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

ZARA – Olive Green, Sleeveless Shirt

Nike – VAPORMAX, Midnight Blue

Grab the Look: NIKE.com

Speaking of comfortability, the NIKE Vapormax is all about comfort. The upper of the shoe sits on a huge air bubbled sole which gives you the illusion of walking with a balloon tied on your feet. Thin and soft flyknit is another great addition to these Nike’s. Overall, a great feeling and looking pair of shoes.