From the first unveiling at Nike’s Innovation Summit event in 2016, the Nike VaporMax was a pair of shoes that i had my eyes on. It is definitely one of Nike’s most eye-catching silhouettes with its Flyknit upper and extreme Air bubble bottom. Once hearing Nike’s claim of the “running on air” sensation and seeing pictures of the silhouette, I was immediately extremely amazed by the VaporMax and was highly anticipating its launch. We have heard a couple release date rumours pinned down for the Nike VaporMax and its Spring 2017 debut.

Nike kicked off this silhouette, a model that’s supposed to present the future of visible air technology, with a COMME des GARCONS collaboration made available in extremely limited quantities. By limited i mean if you are not a celebrity your gonna have a next to nothing change of getting these. Gotta say thought they look very nice. No shoelaces is a plus also.

While i would love to see more of that slip-on construction in the future, i gotta say this Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Navy is one of my favorite colorways for this Spring 2017. The general release features a combination of different dark blue Flyknit shades while that full-length outsole unit ditches any trace of a traditional foam midsole so you can actually walk on air.

The Nike Air VaporMax Midnight Navy launched as part of the ‘Day to Night’ Collection. This featured several styles for both guys and girls as a homage to the running fraternity. As the name would suggest, this is a celebration of those athletes who hit the tarmac first thing in the morning and late at night.

The brand-new VaporMax changed the game forever when it arrived on the scene. The unbelievable cushioning does away with all unnecessary rubber overlays and coating. All emphasis is placed on the chunky Air Pods which provide cloud-like cushioning.

This design harnesses a dark upper to represent those dark nights. A navy coloured translucent VaporMax unit that compliments the soft and lightweight Flyknit of the upper. This one-piece crafted material contours to the foot and gives unrivalled support and stability. A tonal Swoosh sits across the sidewall in the same shade of Midnight Navy.

To complete the impressive list of  features, an integrated lacing system brings that secure and adaptive fit. This keeps your foot locked in place at all times.

Since the day i ordered them from Footlocker i’ve been anticipating their arrival so i can hit the track to experience this new mysterious technology used by Nike.

Fast forward to Sunday and I finally laced the shoes up for my first outdoor run with the VaporMax. As I laced up the shoes, one of the first things that I noticed was how light and flexible the shoes were with and this went along with Nike’s claim that this was the “most flexible Air Max ever.” Along with the Flyknit upper, one of the reasons that this shoe is so light is due to the fact that all of the foam that is traditionally used on the midsoles have been completely removed and the upper now sits directly on top of the Air bags.

My Jog was very pleasant, i ran 10K without any stress on my legs. Usually the 1st time you wear new shoes it takes some time to brake them in. Surprisingly they where perfect throughout my full jog. You definitely get a soft bounce when hitting the ground but its nothing big, no you will not get bounced into a front-flip. Also due to the Flyknit material which is very thin and light my feet felt very comfortable, maybe because they where not sweating like they would of in a thicker material or just because they refused to sweat inside the brand new shoes. My feet are trained you see.

Many people have been asking for the comparison of the Air VaporMax technology to Adidas Boost technology, and from personal experience, they are two completely different feeling shoes. The VaporMax technology feels extremely bouncy with less forgiveness and more responsiveness, where as the Boost technology is a softer and more muted feel. Many people will want to choose a side between the technologies of Nike and Adidas, but they do feel extremely different and you should definitely try both out to decide which you prefer.

The Nike Vapormax sneaker is not only great as a jogger. It’s also a nice shoe to wear on a casual outing, especially if your gonna do a lot of walking / standing, as it gives you an extra push due to its comfortability and lightness. Even for a night out to a chilled restaurant or the movies. I was walking from shop to shop, non-stop and what usually turns out to a painful and tiring experience for my feet, this time was not bad at all. I can definitely see me wearing these on a day to day basis easily.

Did you manage to cop a pair of the Nike VAPORAX release? Are you planning to?

If you did, what is your experience with this one of a kind Sneakers?